About us

What is the Polish Confederation Lewiatan?

We are an influential Polish business organisation. Thanks to our activities, companies have been influencing the shape of the law, conducting dialogue with the administration and receiving tools for the development of their business. We represent our members in both Poland and the European Union.

We have a permanent representation in Brussels and, as the only organisation from Poland, we are a member of BusinessEurope, namely Europe’s largest business organisation. We bring together over 4,100 companies employing over a million employees.

How does Lewiatan support business?

Our members are supported by a team of 50 professionals (lawyers, analysts, communication and event experts) on a daily basis. Our offer includes operations in three fields.
Business-friendly amendments to the law

As a representative organisation of employers, we have statutory guarantees of participation in the legislative process. 2020 saw sixty-nine of our postulates becoming binding law.

Business relations with administration

Our representatives are members of over 400 bodies (including the Supervisory Board of ZUS [Social Insurance Institution], Monitoring Committees, RDS). Each and every year, have have been organising several dozen meetings for members with representatives of the administration and parliament.

Effective tools for business development

We support the development of companies by offering, among others, training courses, business networking, arbitration court services, mediation centre and research services.

Our experts are specialised in the following fields

  • Taxes
  • Labour law
  • Social security
  • Public procurement
  • Media
  • Trade
  • Digital economy
  • E-commerce
  • Cybersecurity
  • Telecommunications
  • Personal data protection
  • Financial market
  • Health protection
  • Pharmacy
  • Food
  • Energy
  • Environment protection
  • Climate
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • European funds
  • Economic law

The only ones from Poland

Lewiatan is the only member of BusinessEurope from Poland. It is an extremely influential European business organisation that renders us possible to cooperate effectively with Brussels-based institutions.

Brussels Office of Lewiatan

We are the only representative employers’ organisation with a permanent representation in Brussels since 2001! Over 20 years of experience and direct cooperation with EU institutions have built the unique position of Lewiatan in Brussels

Check out what we are doing in Brussels
industry and regional associations

We represent over 4,000 companies brought together in 34 industry and 20 regional associations. Over 20 companies are direct members of Lewiatan. Our members employ over a million employees.


Our representatives are members, among others, of the Supervisory Board of ZUS [Social Insurance Institution], the Council for Social Dialogue, Monitoring Committees, the Labour Market Council, the Labour Protection Council, BusinessEurope, the International Labour Organisation, the European Economic and Social Committee.

citations per year

Lewiatan is a communication leader. The media cites us dozens of times a day, we publish over 60 expert texts every year and send over 300 press releases. Our social media is followed by decision-makers, journalists and commentators.

Conferences and training for business

Every year, we organise the European Forum for New Ideas, Praca 4.0 conference, the Tax Congress, over a hundred meetings and debates, as well as several dozen training courses as part of the Lewiatan Academy. As far as Lewiatan members are concerned, participation in this events is either free of charge or on preferential terms.

Lewiatan is the true voice of business! Our team is guided by four principles. They include: professionalism, speed, openness and understanding of the business.
Maciej WituckiPresident of the Polish 
Confederation Lewiatan

See you in Lewiatan!