18 maja 2023


Mediation and Arbitration Project for Ukraine (MAPU)

Creating space for mediation and arbitration together


Using alternative dispute resolution methods encourages a collaborative environment among lawyers, mediators, and arbitrators.

Project Objective

The project aims to familiarize lawyers with the specifics of using mediation and arbitration, as well as the role of a lawyer in each of these procedures.

Project History

The post-war recovery of Ukraine will require quick and effective solutions. Leveraging globally recognized approaches, this program focused on preventing and settling disputes via mediation and arbitration.

The program was formed at the initiative of the Lewiatan Confederation of Employers and the Lewiatan Mediation Center, together with the Polish-American Freedom Foundation in Poland, and with the support of the Leaders of Change Foundation in Warsaw.

In February 2024, the first group of Ukrainian lawyers, military veterans, representatives of ministries, and scientists completed their studies and received their certificates.

Who will benefit from the program?

Representatives of the Ukrainian legal community who want to learn more about mediation and arbitration, see the use of these tools in practice, and feel the results of their utilization through interactive exercises close to real conditions, are invited to participate in the program.

Program Structure

Each Program lasts one week and comprises 30 hours, equally split between mediation and arbitration topics.

The Program includes visits to mediation centers and arbitration courts, and meetings with Polish mediators and arbitrators.

Participants will learn about mediation and arbitration procedures, enabling them to effectively support clients.

Participants are given a certificate upon completion.

Program Cost

The organizers cover the costs of education, accommodation, and meals.

Travel expenses are the responsibility of the participants.

Program agenda

(to ensure relevance, topics may change without prior notice)

Mediation Part

  • Basics of ADR Introduction to mediation
  • Mediation procedure
  • The role of mediator
  • The role of lawyers in mediation
  • International and national legal framework of mediation
  • Legal framework and preparation of basic documents connected to mediation
  • Ethics in mediation
  • Case study

 Arbitration Part

  • Arbitration as an alternative to state courts.
  • Arbitration as a dispute settlement mechanism
  • Arbitration agreements and jurisdiction of arbitral tribunals
  • Commencement of an arbitration, selection of arbitrators, and arbitration procedure
  • Multi-party and multi-contract arbitration
  • Preparation of evidence. Arbitration hearing. Examination of witnesses and experts
  • Arbitration award and costs of arbitration
  • Setting aside and recognition and enforcement of an arbitration award
  • Arbitration of investment disputes
  • Arbitration with a sanctioned entity
  • Dispute settlement clauses in construction contracts
  • Dispute resolution in M&A transactions
  • Peculiarities of arbitration in common law jurisdictions

MAPU in Numbers

This Program is for You IF you are

  • Searching for ways to resolve disputes outside of court.
  • Prioritizing results over the process.
  • Interesting in the peculiarities of the use and combination of mediation and arbitration.
  • Open to personally testing how it functions and ready to see it through cases
  • Ensuring confidentiality and fairness

And if you still think that mediation and arbitration are not the best variants to dispute resolution – we will surprise you.

Program Schedule 

Preliminarily, we plan to conduct two recruitments by the end of 2024

  • November  4 – 8, 2024 (TBC)
  • December 9 – 13, 2024 (TBC)

To participate in the program, you must apply and be included in the selection list. An application submission does not automatically lead to an invitation to participate.

 If you are interested in joining the program, please click on the link  

We invite You to become a Financial Partner of the Program

 You can choose the most suitable options for you:

  • To support the entire Program
  • To support Mediation or Arbitration Part of the Program
  • To support One Day of the Program

If you wish to join us in this Program as a Financial Partner in the development of an alternative dispute resolution culture, please get in touch with us at

Want to know more?

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