Wspólna deklaracja Konfederacji Lewiatan, MEDEF i BDI
05 listopada 2021

Wspólna deklaracja Konfederacji Lewiatan, MEDEF i BDI

In 1991, the French, German and Polish Foreign Ministers created the Weimar Triangle, based on the concept that the three countries share a common vision of the future of Europe and that the reconciliation of societies among them is indispensable for securing peace and prosperity in Europe. The Triangle was initially a key platform for German-Polish reconciliation, inspired by the Franco-German experience. After Poland’s accession to the EU in 2004, it became a very important forum for cooperation and exchanging views regarding all most important EU initiatives and policies.

Due to the fact, that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Weimar Triangle, business federations and members of BusinessEurope – The Polish Confederation Lewiatan, Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF) and Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI), would like to demonstrate close collaboration in matters of the utmost importance not only for businesses in our countries, but for the entire EU.

As the EU emerges from the pandemic, it will be crucially important to focus on restoring the economy, investing in future growth capacity, including investmensts in digital and green transitions, with a special focus on deepening the Single Market, as well as increasing EU competitiveness and resilience, also in the global context.

The European Single Market is one of the EU’s greatest achievements. It has fuelled economic growth and contributed to the prosperity and integration for three decades. But it is an ongoing project that requires special attention both from the EU and from the member states. Restoring the Single Market after the end of the pandemic is not enough. The deepening of the internal market in all areas, including services and data, must become the vital center of the European policy.

The EU, more than ever before, needs an industrial and economic policy that strengthens our businesses and ensures the competitiveness of our companies.

Our businesses are committed to the climate ambition, which has to go hand in hand with our industrial competitiveness. Furthermore, the green transition must be supported by reliable legal framework and bring new technologies to the market. However, we must be aware of the challenges and transition costs for businesses and societies. Appropriate financial resources, reliable carbon leakage protection measures, progress in global carbon pricing and the availability of sufficient amounts of renewable energies at competitive prices are some essential preconditions in this respect. Any WTO-conform carbon border adjustment mechanism requires a sectoral, gradual approach and test phase first. Investments in all decarbonization energies must be integrated into the taxonomy.

Our businesses are also committed to the digital transition that is making the EU and our companies fit for the digital age. The EU legal framework must enable innovations, stimulate investments in digital solutions and be predictable. Europe has an ambition to lead in the regulatory approach on AI, and efforts have to be made in order to use the full potential of this technology. At the same time we have to remember that those technologies should be human-centred and foremost benefit the whole society.

The EU and the Member States must also ensure the respect of rule of law requirements. Defending the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the Treaty and the rule of law is crucial for the functioning free market economies. Public authorities must create a trustful environment for citizens and businesses. Without trust, companies do not invest.

Therefore, we would like to call upon the Polish, French and German governments, as well as the EU institutions, to take immediate actions, enabling quick economic recovery, smooth green and digital transitions that acknowledge the challenges the European businesses and societies are facing and truly support them in achieving ambitious goals. We need urgent actions aimed at deepening of the Single Market that is the main driver of European prosperity. Only then, we can achieve a resilient, competitive and inclusive European Union, which our countries, businesses and societies need and deserve.


Konfederacja Lewiatan